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By phone or online you can

Frequent questions about customer service at Allianz


Please submit your request online using the form. This will speed things up. 

by mail 

at the address: 

TU Allianz Życie Polska S.A. lub TUiR Allianz Polska S.A.
ul. Rodziny Hiszpańskich 1 
02-685 Warszawa, 

with a note: Customer Service Department 

in person

  • You can do this in person at one of our offices. You can also contact your agent, who will help you manage your policy. 
This depends on how you contact us and what you asks us to do. If you contact us online and provide us with your e-mail address, you will receive answers about your enquiry by e-mail. This is the most convenient and fastest way. On your request, we can also send you traditional mail.

My Allianz is a safe space managed by Allianz. Here you can find all your documents and other files that our agent, consultant or claims team have sent you. The space is secure, so your documents will always be safe and accessible at all times. 

In My Allianz you have access to:

  • documents used in the process of offering and concluding insurance contracts, including in particular: calculation, offer, policy, general insurance terms and conditions;
  • documents used by Allianz in the process of performing and managing insurance agreements, including in particular: policy duplicate, insurance history certificate, confirmation of agreement conclusion, assignment, annex to the policy, response to complaint, reminders;
  • documents used in the process of conducting liquidation proceedings, including in particular: a service letter, a decision, a letter indicating extension of the time limit for processing a claim.

You can log into the site by clicking on the access link, which we will send by e-mail to the address indicated by you. We do this every time a document is added to My Allianz for you.  To log in you will need a special code, which we will send you each time in the form of a text message.

For your comfort and security, Allianz Polska is constantly improving the quality of products and services provided in line with the highest standards.

Your comments on conclusion of insurance contracts and fulfilment of the obligations arising from them are a valuable source of information about our products, processes and service provided by our employees and co-workers.

Your comments will be examined with uttermost care.

TUiR Allianz Polska S.A. and TU Allianz Życie Polska S.A.

Complaints can be submitted:

  • online 
  • by mail to the address of a selected company
  • in person:  by phone or while visiting our facility - submit a letter or report a complaint orally (which will be registered)

Complaints can be submitted now by:


TFI Allianz Polska S.A.

Complaints can be submitted

  • by phone 
  • by e-mail 
  • through the Allianz Investor website, Contact tab
  • by mail, to the address:
    TFI Allianz Polska S.A., Transfer Agent (Moventum Sp. z o.o.) or an authorised distributor:

Moventum Sp. z o.o., ul. Cybernetyki 21, 02-677 Warszawa, with a note: „TFI Allianz Polska S.A.”;

TFI Allianz Polska S.A., ul. Rodziny Hiszpańskich 1, 02-685 Warszawa

  • in person, at the registered office of the Company, Transfer Agent or an authorised distributor.

Complaints are processed within 30 days from submission. In particularly complex cases, this period may be extended, but may not exceed 60 days from receipt of the complaint. The result of the complaint will be notified to the Participant in writing, by phone or e-mail.

You can submitt your complaints now by: 


PTE Allianz Polska S.A.

All information about camplaints you can find here: