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Group life insurance - how to manage your insurance policy

Do you want to change data on your policy? Do you want to agree to be contacted by Allianz and enjoy fast and convenient online communication?

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Would you like to indicate or change the beneficiaries, i.e. natural persons, legal persons or organisational units without legal personality that will receive a benefit in case of your death? You have the right to do so as the Insured at any time during the contract.

How can you do that?

Send us a request to change the beneficiaries.

If you have individual life insurance, by using the abovementioned application you can establish or change the Beneficiaries and the Substitute Beneficiaries, i.e. persons who are entitled to the benefit due to the Insured's death, if at the time of the occurrence of the insured event the Beneficiaries are dead or have lost the right to the benefit.

If you have additional contracts under the "Today and Tomorrow Plan" insurance, you can additionally indicate Beneficiaries under the additional contracts and substitute Beneficiaries under the additional contracts.

IMPORTANT: When filling out the application, remember that the percentage shares of the individual Beneficiaries in the benefit should add up to 100%. If there is no indication of the share in the benefit or if an incorrect sum is inserted, the benefit, in accordance with the T&C, shall be determined in accordance with the mutual proportions indicated in the Insured's instructions. After making the change, you will receive a document from Allianz confirming the change.

If you have used the services of a medical facility:

  • which does not cooperate with Allianz due to the impossibility of provision of the selected medical service at a medical facility indicated by Allianz,
  • which does not cooperate with Allianz, e.g. as you want to continue treatment with the current doctor or because of a convenient location and trust in service quality,
  • which cooperates with Allianz, without contacting the medical helpline, as a result of which you were charged with the costs of the health services provided.

In such cases you are entitled to reimbursement of the costs incurred up to the maximum amount specified in Appendix 1 to the General Insurance Terms and Conditions.

How can you do that?

Send us:

Reimbursement application

The signed application needs to be accompanied by:

  • evidence of costs incurred (invoices, bills),
  • medical referral (in case of provision of medical services for which a medical referral is required under the insurance agreement).
Do you want to withdraw or terminate the contract? 

How can you do that?

You may withdraw from the insurance contract within 30 days, and if you represent a business - within 7 days from the date of conclusion of the contract.

As the Insured, you have the right to terminate the insurance contract at any time during the term of the contract by submitting a relevant statement to the Policyholder.

Would you like to cash out the funds accumulated on the policy under an additional agreement with the insurance capital fund?

How can you do that?

Send us

  • application for surrender under group life insurance or PPE insurance

Remember that an application for total or partial insurance surrender concerning units on account A of the Insured (funds from the Policyholder) should include a written acceptance of the surrender by the Policyholder.

The application for total or partial insurance surrender, concerning units on the Insured's B account (funds coming from the Insured) should include a written acceptance of the surrender by the Insured. The total or partial insurance surrender amount will be reduced before its payout by the surrender costs specified in the cost tariff attached to the general terms and conditions of additional life insurance agreement concluded with the insurance capital fund.

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