Ubezpieczenie OC AC w Allianz

Car insurance
without leaving the house 

Contact an agent and buy insurance remotely.
You can take care of all the paperwork over the phone or on the Internet.

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Report an accident or collision online or over the phone
We estimate the loss, analyse the required documentation and confirm the validity of the claim.
We send you a personalised link to check your claim status. 
In our archive you will find, among others, forms to help you submit an order, general T&Cs of insurance and documents related to investment funds.
This material is for informational purposes only, it is intended to provide a general outline of the nature and scope of the aforementioned insurance and does not constitute an offer within the definition of Article 66 § 1 of the Civil Code. The detailed scope and terms and conditions of the abovementioned insurance are regulated by the general terms and conditions of insurance with attachments (available in the Documents for Insurance tab), in which you will find provisions concerning, among others, premiums, scope of insurance, limitations and exclusions of liability of TUIR Allianz Polska S.A.  and the conditions of payouts and rules for calculating insurance benefits.