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Life insurance – how to manage your insurance policy

Do you want to change the amount of the regular premium and the sum insured under your policy? You can do this if your individual life insurance contract with the insurance capital fund has been in place for at least two years.  

The new amount of the premium may not be lower than the currently applicable minimum premium set by Allianz. A reduction in the premium may result in a reduction in the sum insured. 

In such a case, the Policyholder shall be informed about it and consent will be required from them and the Insured in the form of a written statement to carry out the reduction.

A change in the amount of the premium is made during the premium payment deferral period (i.e. within 30 days from the premium due date), and the new premium amount becomes effective as of the date of the first required premium falling after the date of receipt of the application by Allianz.

How can you do that?

If you want to change the amount of the sum insured and/or the insurance premium - fill in and submit the relevant document to Allianz at least 30 days before the date from which the change is to apply.

IMPORTANT: In case of increasing the sum insured, fill in the medical questionnaire and attach it to the application along with information about your current occupation and why you want to increase the sum insured.

Change in the amount of premium or sum insured is confirmed by an Annex to the policy, which is sent to the Policyholder's mailing address.

Do you want to change data on your policy? Do you want to agree to be contacted by Allianz and enjoy fast and convenient online communication?

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Would yo like to indicate or change the beneficiaries, i.e. natural persons, legal persons or organisational units without legal personality that will receive a benefit in case of your death? You have the right to do so as the Insured at any time during the contract.

IMPORTANT: When filling out the application, remember that the percentage shares of the individual Beneficiaries in the benefit should add up to 100%. If there is no indication of the share in the benefit or if an incorrect sum is inserted, the benefit, in accordance with the T&C, shall be determined in accordance with the mutual proportions indicated in the Insured's instructions. After making the change, you will receive a document from Allianz confirming the change.

How can you do that?

If you have individual life insurance, by using the abovementioned application you can establish or change the Beneficiaries and the Substitute Beneficiaries, i.e. persons who are entitled to the benefit due to the Insured's death, if at the time of the occurrence of the insured event the Beneficiaries are dead or have had lost the right to the benefit.


If you have additional contracts under the "Today and Tomorrow Plan" insurance, you can additionally indicate Beneficiaries under the additional contracts and substitute Beneficiaries under the additional contracts.

  • Would you like to change the Policyholder, i.e. the "owner" of the policy, the person who decides on its terms and conditions and is obliged to pay premiums, in your individual life insurance?

IMPORTANT: Such a change is not possible in the following agreements:

  • Individual Pension Account Just for You (IKE specjalnie dla Ciebie),
  • Individual endowment insurance with an education plan (z Planem edukacyjnym),
  • individual life insurance and endowment insurance with a capital plan (z Planem kapitałowym), to which an additional agreement has been attached with exemption from paying contributions in the event of disability.  

How can you do that?

Send us:

  • completed application for changing the Policyholder and transferring rights from the insurance agreement
  • excerpt from the National Court Register, if the Policyholder is a legal person or an organisational unit without legal personality.

After making the change, the new Policyholder will receive a document from Allianz confirming the change.

Would you like to get information on the value of the funds collected?

How can you do that?

Documents are not needed, check the value of the policy online by logging into the e-service.

Allianz has sent you an index letter with information about:

  • the amount of the regular premium and the sums insured before indexation,
  • the indexation rate by which we propose to increase the premium and insurance sums,
  • the amount of premium and insurance sums after indexation,
  • information on how to proceed after selecting the indexation variant when you do not want to change the conditions and you prefer to keep the premium and insurance amounts at the current amount.

Indexation is aimed at preserving the real value of the future payout or future benefit from the insurance contract. Allianz determines the indexation index (two indexes in case of some contracts) on the basis of which the company proposes on the anniversary of the policy the new amount of:

  • insurance premium or
  • insurance premium and insurance sums (main agreement or additional agreements) in case of agreements which are included under the protection variant or which have additional agreements subject to indexation.

How can you do that?

If you have decided to choose one of the proposals presented or not to apply the indexation, follow the instructions provided in the letter from Allianz.

Would you like to withdraw money from an individual life insurance contract? If your policy has been paid for on ad hoc basis or if the policy has a surrender value, as the Policyholder you are entitled to:

  •  surrender the policy, 
  • partially surrender the policy (in case of contracts with an insurance capital fund: insurance from the package “Just for...”, Rentier),
  • partial withdrawal of funds accumulated in the profit account (in case of insurance with a capital and education plan),
  • partial surrender of the basic account from the 2nd anniversary of the policy and/or the free access account (in case of Today and Tomorrow Plan contract),
  • partial surrender or refund of funds accumulated in the free access account and/or the IPA account (in the case of the Individual Pension Account Just for You).

Remember that submission of an application for payment of the policy surrender value will result in termination of the insurance contract and expiry of the insurance cover.

Where the general terms and conditions of insurance under which your contract was concluded provide for total/partial surrender fees, the value of total or partial surrender of the policy will be reduced by the costs of surrender before the payout.

IMPORTANT: In case of the Capital Guarantee Plan and Individual Endowment Insurance with an education plan, the surrender value is indicated on the back of the policy.

How can you do that?

Send us the documents - depending on the type of contract you have concluded, you need to fill in the relevant application.

The application needs to be accompanied by:

  • a copy of a document confirming the identity of the Policyholder (without image or description), certified as a true copy by an Allianz representative or notary public,
  • other documents necessary for a fair examination of the request for surrender, which Allianz will indicate in its written response to the request.

If you do not want to give up the contract but want to a partial payout, in your request:

  1. Check the section concerning the withdrawal of funds accumulated in the profit account (for the Capital Guarantee Plan agreement)/partial surrender of the policy (for agreements from the package Just for... and Today and Tomorrow Plan).
  2. For the Today and Tomorrow Plan contract, additionally indicate whether the instruction applies to the basic account, the free access account, or both.
  3. Specify the amount or percentage of funds accumulated in the profit/unit account or select payment of the entire profit/unit account value (for the Capital Guarantee Plan agreement)/in the maximum possible amount (for agreements from Just for... package).
  4. Specify how the units are to be withdrawn. If you do not indicate that, we will withdraw them in proportion to the value of funds accumulated in the profit/unit account

If you want to cancel the contract completely, tick the "policy surrender value" box and for the Today and Tomorrow Plan choose "total surrender".

Check what documents are required to make a claim

You can file your life insurance claim online. 

Do you want to withdraw or terminate the contract? You are entitled to do that. You may withdraw from the contract until the 30th day (inclusive) from the date of its conclusion, and you may terminate the contract at any time.

Remember that if you withdraw within 30 days from the date of concluding the contract Allianz will reimburse the Policyholder for the premium paid minus the costs of insurance cover for the period in which Allianz provided it.

Furthermore, within 60 days from receiving the annual information on surrender value for the first time, you have the right to withdraw from the life insurance contract connected to the insurance capital fund.

If your withdrawal involves withdrawal of funds, we will refund them to the indicated bank account.

How can you do that?

Send a written statement of your withdrawal/termination to Allianz, including:

  • Your signature,
  • policy number, 
  • and the number of the bank account to which any funds are to be transferred.