Group life insurance 
Opiekun (Guardian)

This insurance is for medium and large companies.
It offers your employees a wide scope of protection
  • Payment in the event of a serious illness
    A benefit of up to PLN 100,000 in the event of one of 46, 21 or 11 illnesses or major surgeries.
  • Financial assistance in the event of a serious medical condition
    Serious Illness Risk insurance will provide money in the event of, among other things, aortic surgery, heart valve surgery, stroke causing permanent neurological loss or heart attack.
  • Second medical opinion from world-class specialists
    The Foreign Second Medical Opinion supplementary agreement makes it possible to consult with doctors from the world’s top clinics on a previously made diagnosis.
  • Money to help in the fight against cancer
    The benefit under the “Cancer-Assistance” malignant tumour supplementary insurance contract is paid out with the growing needs at each stage of cancer treatment (including at the time of diagnosis, hospitalisation, chemotherapy or radiotherapy, and in the event of termination of employment due to malignant tumour).
  • Payment of a benefit for surgical, procedural or conservative treatment
    The Healthy Life supplementary contract offers payment of a benefit for surgical or conservative treatment carried out in a hospital or one-day surgical facility. 
  • Medication benefit
    Possibility of receiving additional money for the purchase of medicines in connection with a medical procedure.
  • Accident insurance
    With this supplementary agreement, you can insure yourself and your employees against, among other things, the consequences of accidents such as death (also as a result of a traffic accident, accident at work), inability to work, disability, hospitalisation or health impairment. 
  • Protection for your child
    Financial support if your child suffers an accident (e.g. broken arm, dog bite, poisoning), is hospitalised or becomes seriously ill (e.g. type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetes, malignant tumours, encephalitis causing permanent neurological damage). A telephone consultation with a doctor is available if required.
  • Additional funding when the family grows
    We will pay a benefit when a child under 10 is born or adopted.
  • Financial support if a newborn requires increased medical care or is born with a condition that requires rehabilitation Money to cover the cost of rehabilitation or treatment for a newborn baby if the baby scores below 8 on the Apgar scale, is born prematurely, has a low birth weight or is diagnosed with a congenital heart or nervous system defect, or receives a reduced Apgar score at birth.
  • Assistance in the event of sudden illness or injury due to an accident
    Additional support in the event of, among other things, the need to organise rehabilitation, hire rehabilitation equipment, provide medical transport, visit a doctor, purchase medicines or care for a child. You can also consult a doctor by telephone if necessary.

Find out how to conclude a contract

Strona ubezpieczenia na życie i zdrowie Twoje Życie Allianz - grafika ubezpieczenia na całe życie
Our team of experts specialising in the sale of group insurance are on hand to provide help and support. Talk to our Agent about the needs of your employees. 
Strona ubezpieczenia na życie i zdrowie Twoje Życie Allianz - grafika ubezpieczenie na wyższą kwotę
At a meeting or during a conversation, we will present the scope and conditions of the best insurance for your employees.
Strona ubezpieczenia na życie i zdrowie Twoje Życie Allianz - grafika pakiet konsultacji lekarskich

Support for you

We will organise informational meetings for employees in an agreed form, e.g. online. We will explain the details of the insurance policy and coverage.

This advertising material is for information purposes only, serves to provide an approximation of the insurance coverage and does not constitute an offer within the meaning of Article 66 § 1 of the Civil Code or a recommendation to apply for or accept an offer of an insurance contract. This document does not constitute a template contract or part of the insurance contract. The detailed scope and terms of insurance are governed by the General Terms and Conditions of insurance and the appendices relevant to this contract (available at the Document Centre), where you can find provisions relating to, inter alia, premium, scope of insurance, limitations and exclusions of liability of Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń Allianz Życie Polska Spółka Akcyjna and terms of payment and principles of calculation of insurance benefits.

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