Small and medium-sized business insurance  

Financial security for your company in case of various chance events
Small and medium-sized business insurance
Benefits for your company

What Safe Business insurance provides 

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Fire and other chance events / 3 coverage options to choose from: basic, extended and full
3 coverage options to choose from: basic, extended and full
Property insurance against burglary and robbery
Breakage insurance for windows and other objects
Property in transport insurance
2 coverage options to choose from: basic and extended
Insurance of electronic equipment
Business Assistance insurance

Industry packages

This service was developed on the basis of our experience in cooperating with various businesses – we have designed it for nine industries: pharmacy, office, construction, education, retail, hospitality and catering, health and beauty and communities and cooperatives.

Frequently asked questions about Safe Business insurance

Allianz Safe Business insurance can be taken out by any entrepreneur, regardless of the form of business conducted, whose assets do not exceed:

  • PLN 20 million in one location,
  • PLN 30 million in total in all locations.

As part of the Safe Business insurance, we provide insurance protection that can be easily adapted to the specific nature of your industry and your own needs. In the basic scope, the insurance will compensate for losses in your company’s assets, e.g. resulting from fire, wind, flooding, vandalism and other events. The compensation will help you repair the damage and continue your business. Additionally, you can expand the scope of protection with additional clauses.

Allianz Safe Business will also help in case of claims of third parties who have suffered any damage as a result of your business.  

With this type of insurance, you also gain convenient access to professional assistance as part of the Business Assistance services available by phone 24/7.

As part of the Business Assistance insurance we arrange and cover the costs of:

–        assistance from specialised services (e.g. locksmith, plumber, glazier, etc.),

–        medical assistance (doctor’s visit, medical transport, delivery of medicines),

–        intervention assistance (transport of surviving property, storage of property, protection of property).

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