Construction machinery and equipment insurance 
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What does construction machinery and equipment insurance provide? 

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Machine accident
standard scope 
Burglary, robbery
standard scope 
Flooding or sinking
standard scope 
Foreign body
standard scope 
Machine fire
standard scope 
Vandalism or devastation
standard scope 
Machine operator error
standard scope 
Protection during inspections, maintenance and repairs
standard scope 
Mechanical failures and electrical damage
scope limited to external components not directly affected by the failure
Transport of machines
optional, in Poland
Off-site movement
Design, construction and production errors
scope excluded
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Frequent questions about construction machine and equipment insurance 

We have developed construction machines and equipment insurance for small, medium and large companies that want to insure machines with a sum insured above PLN 1 million.

The insurance is primarily aimed at construction companies as well as service and production companies that own or rent machinery resources or individual construction or transport machines.

The information necessary to conclude an insurance contract is determined at the risk analysis stage by the underwriter.

In order to conclude an insurance contract, we need, among others, the following details:

  • list of machines and equipment to be insured together with age and insurance sum determined according to replacement value,
  • a description of the technical condition of the machines and their maintenance,
  • place of use,
  • damage history for at least the last 3 years.
Valuation of the cost of insurance requires a professional risk assessment. The price of insurance is determined individually depending on the scope of insurance, type of machines, their age and technical condition, method of maintenance and other factors that affect the risk - we also take into account past claims.
The amount of deductible or deductible franchise is determined individually. It depends on factors taken into account in the risk assessment. Usually the deductible amounts to 10% of the damage value - not less than PLN 3000. In individual cases, we can set a different amount of deductible franchise – according to the level of risk.
The machines are covered by insurance in the place of insurance defined in the insurance contract, usually in Poland. The insurance does not provide cover for machinery used underground or during operation on water or on seafront - unless otherwise agreed in the contract.

The type of protection required is individually agreed and defined in the contract.

As standard, we require that the machinery resources are protected with fencing and lighting in the area and with 24-hour supervision or that machines are stored indoors.

Machinery which is situated in an area which is not fenced, but is illuminated and guarded around the clock must be locked in such a way as to prevent third parties from entering it.

The keys must be stored safely outside the machine and any existing anti-theft mechanisms must be active.

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