Allianz Skarbowy - Allianz Fiscal

Assistance with court cases under the Fiscal Penal Code
Legal and tax protection
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What does Allianz Fiscal insurance (Allianz Skarbowy) provide?

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Coverage of costs connected with court cases conducted under the Fiscal Penal Code and reimbursement of financial expenses
Penalty clause
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You have great goals, unique talents and the courage to put your plans into action. The build-up phase also puts you in front of many new tasks, making time more precious than ever
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Because pressing issues such as financial planning, business registration, appointments with the tax consultant and the first measures to implement the business idea you take advantage of
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Allianz supports you exactly here: by choosing a suitable product for you, you have the peace of mind

Frequently asked questions about Allianz Fiscal insurance (Allianz Skarbowy)

For all persons directly or indirectly responsible for company finances. Also for members of management boards and owners of companies - they are the ones who may be the first to face fiscal fines. 

Yes. This is an undoubted advantage of this insurance. It is only relevant that the charges are brought during the insurance period. It is irrelevant what period the allegations made against the insured refer to.

The Insured also has guaranteed protection if allegations are related to a period when the Insured was working for another company. Buying one policy gives the insured full protection for all current and past professional activities.

Yes, you pay all the penalties yourself, and we will reimburse them at a later date.

As an employee of an accounting office, performing the activities of an accountant, you are also exposed to possible charges under the Fiscal Penal Code. In such a case, the Allianz Fiscal policy guarantees legal protection of the Insured and reimbursement of costs of penalties and fines imposed.

This insurance does not replace the compulsory accountancy office insurance, nor is it an excess liability insurance of the office. Allianz Fiscal insurance protect the office employee if criminal charges are brought directly against them.

Yes, you can choose your own lawyer or ask us to appoint one. It is important that the attorney the client decides on has experience in conducting fiscal penal cases. We recommend lawyers who have experience in this area. 
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