Employee Pension Programme - Pracowniczy Program Emerytalny 

Future pensions for employees – benefits for the employer
PPE at Allianz TFI
Your benefits as the employer

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Low running costs
Possibility of changing the subfund during the PPE
Tax reliefs on payout
Inheritance of accumulated funds

Proven solutions 

for your employees 

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Employees can join the programme in your company - it is always voluntary
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We invest their contributions in accordance with the rules applicable to PPK or PPE
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The employees’ accounts accumulate capital for the future or for pensions.

Frequent questions about PPE 

As an employee, you can contribute to the scheme as an additional (voluntary) contribution. Its minimum amount is determined in the company contract and the annual limit is determined each year on the basis of the average salary in the national economy.

In order to receive all the money saved in the PPE, statutory conditions must be met concerning:

  • age (60 or 55 years of age and acquisition of pension rights) and
  • required duration of saving.
The principles behind creation and functioning of employee pension schemes are regulated by the Act on Employee Pension Schemes of 20 April 2004.
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