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Access to medical facilities for employees, benefits for the employer
TELEMEDICINE - medical services over the phone or online.  Contact our helpline.
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If you have Allianz Healthcare insurance, you can choose between:  

Group health insurance
Benefits for the employees and the company

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Allianz Opieka Zdrowotna
Cashless access to doctors, examinations and outpatient procedures
6 insurance variants
Possibility to also cover family members
4 packages: individual, partner, family and parent
4 packages: individual, partner, family and parent
Simple arrangement of medical appointments
By phone, online or in person at the facility
Reimbursement of costs

Proven solutions 

for your business and employees 

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Conclude a group insurance agreement and include it in your company's incentive scheme
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Your staff take out insurance and benefit from protection and assistance
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Your company becomes a better employer - you also gain measurable benefits depending on the programme

Frequently asked questions about Allianz Healthcare insurance 

In order to make an appointment for a medical consultation at any medical facility cooperating with Allianz in Poland, all you have to do is:

1.      report directly to the facility – this option is available at facilities operating within the EWKA system (Electronic Allianz Client Verification). The list of facilities can be checked via the Allianz medical helpline or via the search engine available at,

2.      register online at:,

3.      call the 24-hour medical helpline on 224 224 224. By calling the medical helpline you can also order a medical home visit.

The scope of medical care offered by Allianz Healthcare (based on the T&C of Insurance AOZ 03) includes in the broadest option:

·         access to doctors from 48 areas of specialisation,

·         over 60 outpatient procedures,

·         over 280 blood, urine and stool tests,

·         over 260 specialised examinations,

·         access to vaccinations,

·         pregnancy care services and reimbursement of costs of participation in birthing classes,

·         possibility to include rehabilitation and dental treatment and a number of additional agreements guaranteeing financial assistance in case of illness or hospitalisation (optional).

If the contract was concluded on the basis of general terms and conditions of insurance other than AOZ 03, go to section Find document - archive. There you will find archived general insurance terms and conditions, scope of benefits and other documents. If you cannot find the right document, please contact the helpline on + 48 224 224 224.

Each insurance option includes an additional package of support services available 24 hours a day after notification by phone at 224 224 224. This package includes services available throughout Poland, including:

1.      medication delivery,

2.      arrangement and coverage of costs of rehabilitation at home or at a rehabilitation centre and purchase or rental of rehabilitation equipment,

3.      nursing care and home assistance after hospitalization,

4.      a nurse's visit after an accident,

5.      support from a psychologist in random difficult situations,

6.      helpline: medical helpline, Baby Assistance and Healthy Nutrition,

7.      assistance from a midwife or nurse in taking care of a newborn baby,

8.      medical transport to and from a medical facility and between facilities.

Employees who join the insurance programme gain a number of benefits.

1.      Cashless access to health services in the network of over 2,000 medical facilities

2.      Possibility of reimbursement of medical costs (up to the limits specified in the T&C) in case of using services outside the network of medical facilities cooperating with Allianz

3.      Wide range of services provided by specialised doctors, laboratory tests and vaccinations

4.      A medical examination is not required when joining the insurance scheme

5.      Access to specialists without a referral from a primary care doctor

6.      Package of assistance services (support services) available in Poland, covering each insured person

7.      Possibility to extend the scope of insurance to include one-day surgical treatments, rehabilitation and dental treatments, reimbursement of the costs of purchase of medicines after hospital treatment, surgical treatment, specialised treatment, serious illnesses, costs of treatment abroad

8.      Possibility to insure family members within the available packages.

Healthcare services are available to the employee, as well as to their family, depending on the package chosen. There are 4 insurance packages available:

·         Individual package – for the main insured person, i.e. the employee,

·         Partner Package – for the employee and their one child or for the employee and their spouse or partner,

·         Family Package – for the employee and their spouse or partner and their own or adopted children under 25 years of age,

·         Parent Package – for the parents or parents-in-law of the employee – the package takes into account the needs of the elderly, including a special care service programme.

In the case of using the services of a facility which does not cooperate with Allianz, we will reimburse the costs incurred up to the amount specified in the price list of health services available in the T&C. You can also benefit from reimbursement of a home visit costs – all you have to do is call Allianz on 224 224 224.

The basis for settling the costs of health services is a written claim submitted on the Allianz form and:

·         evidence of the costs incurred, e.g. bills and invoices,

·         a copy of a medical referral in case of health services requiring a medical referral in accordance with the agreement.  

The evidence of costs incurred should include:

·         given name, surname and address of the insured person to whom the healthcare service was provided,

·         indication of the specialised physician attended by the insured person,

·         list of provided healthcare services covered by the insurance,

·         date and price of healthcare services provided.

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