Simply Occupational Medicine 

Screening examinations for employees, benefits for the employer
Group insurance
Benefits for the employees and the company
Covering the costs of occupational medicine services incurred by the employer on the basis of the Labour Code 

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We'll cover the costs of:
Screening examinations for employees
Preventive healthcare for employees
Issue of medical certificates for the purposes provided for in the Labour Code
Performing screening examinations for sanitary and epidemiological purposes
Assessment of ability to work in a specific occupation and position
Issue of certificates and reports for the purposes provided for in the Labour Code concerning the employees’ health or incapacity for work
Visits at the workplace by an occupational medicine doctor
Participation of an occupational medicine doctor in the company’s occupational health and safety committee

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for your business and employees 

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Conclude a group insurance agreement and include it in your company's incentive scheme
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Your staff take out insurance and benefit from protection and assistance
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Your company becomes a better employer - you also gain measurable benefits depending on the programme

Frequently asked questions about occupational medicine insurance 

On the basis of concluding an insurance contract, the employer (as the policyholder) pays the premium in the amount and at the frequency indicated in the insurance contract - monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. The premium must always be paid in advance 10 calendar days before the next insurance period begins. 

An anonymous HR status report is the most important document in insurance service. The employer prepares it in case of a change in the number of employees after the conclusion of the insurance contract and sends it at the latest 10 calendar days before the end of each month of insurance cover.

In the report, the employer enters, among others:

  • the number of all employees reported to Allianz in the previous HR report,
  • the number of employees employed after the last report was made,
  • the number of workers dismissed by the end of the month of the report.
Yes, the employer refers the employees for screening examinations. The original referral is necessary to issue a certificate of fitness to work. The employer should fill in a referral for occupational medicine examinations using the Allianz form, stating the policy number. A correctly issued referral describes exactly what the employee does and identifies any nuisance and harmful factors present at the given position. This information makes it possible to initially determine the scope of examinations.

The employer issues a referral on the Allianz form. They are responsible for the content of this document, which describes the position, listing harmful and onerous factors.

The employee or employer contacts the Allianz helpline (the telephone number is given on the referral) and provides details of the referral. They can also arrange for occupational medicine examinations to be performed directly at a facility working in the EWKA system (Electronic Allianz Client Verification).

Allianz consultants arrange an appointment for the employee – we send them a text message with confirmation of the appointment/examinations.

The employee reports at the designated facility with the original referral.

The examination ends with issue of a certificate by an occupational medicine practitioner.

As an employee, you will receive such a certificate if there are no contraindications to you working at a given position. It is issued by an occupational medicine practitioner. The necessary condition for receiving the certificate is that the original referral for occupational medicine examinations is handed over to the doctor.
The date of the next examination is decided by the doctor. Depending on the risks involved, the legislator has set maximum periods between examinations. They are reduced depending on the severity of harmful/onerous factors and the health of the worker. 
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This material is for informational purposes only, it is intended to provide a general outline of the nature and scope of the aforementioned insurance and does not constitute an offer within the definition of Article 66 § 1 of the Civil Code. The detailed scope and terms and conditions of the abovementioned insurance are regulated by the general terms and conditions of insurance with attachments (available in the Documents for Insurance tab), in which you will find provisions concerning, among others, premiums, scope of insurance, limitations and exclusions of liability of TUIR Allianz Polska S.A.  and the conditions of payouts and rules for calculating insurance benefits.