Voluntary professional liability insurance 

All-round protection for 12 professional groups
Third-party liability insurance in business
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What does voluntary occupational liability insurance cover? 

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Occupational liability
Legal protection
sum PLN 10 000
Employer's liability
Translator/translation office - Clause 1
Law firm - Clause 2
Design studio/interior design studio - Clause 3
Surveyor/ Surveying agency- Clause 4
Computer system design, manufacture or consultancy - Clause 5
Veterinarian/veterinary clinic - Clause 6
Property manager - Clause 7
Real estate agent - Clause 8
Consultancy activities - Clause 9
Sports instructor/coach - Clause 10
Health and safety officer - Clause 11
Teacher - Clause 12
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You have great goals, unique talents and the courage to put your plans into action. The build-up phase also puts you in front of many new tasks, making time more precious than ever
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Because pressing issues such as financial planning, business registration, appointments with the tax consultant and the first measures to implement the business idea you take advantage of
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Allianz supports you exactly here: by choosing a suitable product for you, you have the peace of mind

Frequently asked questions about voluntary occupational liability insurance 

No - Occupational liability insurance applies to 4 categories of consulting activity:

  • human resources consulting, 
  • advice on obtaining financial assistance from the European Union (EU grants), 
  • legal advice, 
  • agricultural advice.
Yes - the insurance covers the teacher also when they act as a guardian during school trips, i.e. summer/winter camps, organised by an authorised entity.
The insurance covers faults and damages which take place in the territory of the Republic of Poland. As far as the teaching profession is concerned, protection may be extended to cover damage occurring within the European Union.
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