Buy insurance remotely

You can easily, comfortably and safely insure your car, house or apartment and your life – without leaving the house, without having to meet with an agent. You can take care of all the paperwork over the phone and online. Contact an agent. Tell us you want to buy insurance remotely
Remote insurance purchase  

We all can and should take actions that help reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 caused by the coronavirus. Therefore, it is a good idea to contact an agent by phone and to buy a policy without the need for a direct meeting.  

It’s very simple.

Contact your agent by phone or look for an agent in our agent`s search engine. 
Provide the agent with information needed to take out insurance by phone and give your consent for the agent to send you an insurance offer.
We will send you an e-mail with a link to the My Allianz system, where you will see a proposal to insure your car or apartment/house, you will receive a password to log in via text message. 
You can pay for the policy online. 
Your agent will help you take out life insurance by phone and e-mail. 

Questions about buying insurance remotely  

You need pictures of the car when:

you are buying comprehensive insurance or package insurance including comprehensive insurance - for a used vehicle.
In case of a brand new vehicle, an inspection is not required.

you can renew insurance:

– after a break in insurance coverage

– after a loss in the previous insurance period

– after increasing the sum insured

If you are buying comprehensive insurance or packages including comprehensive insurance in My Allianz remotely, you may receive a message saying that a car inspection is required. You can do this inspection yourself - it involves taking pictures of the car in the right way. It is simple - you will receive a text message with a link to Allianz Photo Assistant.

 Allianz Photo Assistant is an online application that you don't have to download to your phone. With the application, you can easily add vehicle inspection photos directly to our system. The photos will have to be in the system before the policy is taken out remotely.

An agent will explain the details over the phone.

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