The Full Protection Plan
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Comprehensive protection for you and your children
Your life insurance

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Full Protection Plan
If you are no longer there
One-off benefit
If you are no longer there as a result of an accident / traffic accident
One-off benefit
Serious illness

Number of diseases and treatments:

variant standard: 20
variant comfort: 55
variant for child: 24

Loss of capacity
Single payout in the event of incapacity to lead an independent life or long-term and total incapacity to work
Hospital treatment
Payment per day of stay
Payment calculated as a specified percentage of the sum insured depending on the type of surgery
Support in case you are no longer there
Monthly payment for a specified period of time
Treatment abroad in the event of a serious illness
Treatment abroad in case of a serious illness / up to € 2 million during the insured party’s lifetime.
Health impairment
Payment based on standard or sports variant
Oncological Assistance
Additional assistance in the event of a diagnosis of advanced cancer or issue of a record of diagnosis and oncological treatment
Accident Assistance
Additional assistance in case of an accident

Plan Pełnej Ochrony - Full Protection Plan  

With the full protection plan, you will provide your loved ones with financial security in case of your death (up to PLN 1 million). You can also create a protection package for yourself and your children. All you have to do is choose agreements that provide financial support in case of illness or accident. You can manage your insurance – change additional agreements or the sum insured. 

Fast and simple claims process

Something happens that is covered by your insurance.  Check the general terms and conditions of your insurance to see what documents you will need to submit a claim.
Fill in the electronic form and attach the required documents. If you give us your phone number and e-mail, we can handle your case faster.
Check the status of your case. You can do it by e-mail or by phone – be sure to provide the claim number.

Frequently asked questions about life insurance 

The sum insured is paid out in case of death of the Insured.

in the following order:

  • spouse, 
  • to children in equal parts (if no spouse), 
  • to parents in equal parts (if no spouse or children), 
  • to siblings in equal parts (if no spouse, children or parents), 
  • to other heirs in equal parts in case of no persons listed above
SThe sum insured under temporary life insurance is exempt from personal income tax.

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